Are you concerned about what are some of the best social media apps and tools that help you to create content and manage your social media accounts effectively in 2020?

If you really want to grow your business this year, especially during the uncertain time, you must have your active social media accounts. This will be your gate to connect with your customers and reach out to more potential clients when your brand is well known on social media.

In this article, I will introduce to you several best tools to apply for your social media strategy to grow in 2020. 

Let’s check it out!

When it comes to apps and tools for social media, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with a ton of available options on the market. But today, I’m just going to show you through the tools that I use all the time and these are my favourite because they are super easy to use with many great options that help you create or manage your contents.

So what am I going to cover? I will cover different tools from scheduling tools, to design so that you can create beautiful images, editing and organizing your contents super easily!

The first tool I want to recommend is what I use to schedule my social media contents. It is really useful to use this tool to help you schedule contents because it helps to keep your contents consistent and organised.

You can just schedule contents in advance. Then the post will be released every day or every few days so you don’t have to take care about it too much. 

And it really is about managing the chaos because with social media you typically have a couple of accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest accounts, you probably need it!

So what is its name? LATER!

How To Use Later Tool For Business 2020.

Yes, Later is a great app for you to schedule Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest posts (images + videos). With Later tool, the beautiful thing is that it actually does this magical thing with “Link in bio”. It means they give you this link in bio and when someone clicks on it, it takes them to this link in bio page. So the audience can see all of your posts, while you’re able to link that post directly to your video, directly to your blog posts, directly to your sales page, directly to your products.

With Later, you can drag things based on the week goal, the month view. Then, you can have a visual view when you schedule it on different platforms.

And for me, it is worth paying for a tool that allows you to drive that traffic from Instagram directly to your content or directly to your products or services. And this is how I use Instagram to drive traffic to my YouTube or drive traffic to my website.

I highly recommend Later. I’ve been using it for months now, and really love their features. And I’m able to see the traffic from Instagram to my website via link in bio.

How To Use Later Tool For Business 2020

When it comes to tools for design, a really necessary part of choosing which tool to use is its flexible ability in creating multiple designs for different platforms while having a low learning curve. And you also want a tool that is as cost-effective as possible, right?

So, there is one tool that I highly recommend and use all the time for my design is CANVA!

Canva is an amazing tool for all social media contents design with free and paid options as well.

By using Canva, you can easily create the animated graphics, posters, presentations. You can access their templates from the home section or you can search for something that you need. 

So let’s say that I want to create Facebook Post posts, I’d just search for it in the toolbar here.

Tips for canva to grow your business 2020

And then here it is, all of the different Facebook posts designs. So, I pick something that I like. And the great thing about Canva is that once you choose a template, it’s really easy to change it.

And then when you are completely satisfied with this image, just need to click download on the top right-hand corner here, and then you can choose to save it as whichever image file that you want.

How to use canva for your business 2020

With the paid option, you can have multiple options and support 24/7 with the library of million free high quality images to use. And you will love when using the “background remover” function and “download transparency”. These are super excellent to use!

These are 2 best tools which have the most affordable price and super easy to use with multiple functions for you to apply for your social media. 

With just 2 mentioned apps, you can control and create all the contents on the top platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter. These will give you a huge advance in the game of social media and make your brand awareness growth faster and more effectively!

You can use the link of Canva in this post to receive 30 days FREE charge for Pro Account! 

Let’s try it to see how effective it will work for you and your brand!

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