Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020

Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020 is the topic that in the next 5 minutes, we will go through to clarify for you HOW TO grow your social media marketing successfully in this year, 2020.

One of the best reasons for your small business to do marketing on social media is that your potential customers are spending time on these platforms.

According to the data from Statista, in 2019, 79% of the U.S. population has at least one social media profile. It equals to more than 246 million people using social media platforms such as Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn,… 

Data from Statista

And by 2021, it expects that 3.1 billion people will use social media all over the world. With the large number of users and the undeniable potential to grow the number of users in the future. This presents a great opportunity for small businesses to approach potential clients and grown the brand online. 

In addition, the users on social media are using the platforms on a daily basis. And nearly 60% will access social media 1 time a day, while more than 20% will access over 5 times/day.

With these numbers, you can figure out that the ability to connect with your target audience will be easier and cheaper compared to traditional marketing if you are active on the platforms that your clients use often. And If you aren’t already on social media, you are missing out a great opportunity to connect with your customers and make new leads.

In general, there are 9 benefits social media marketing will help your brand

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Drive traffic to your website
  3. Generate new leads
  4. Boost brand engagement
  5. Provide online customer service
  6. Grow revenue (by increasing sign ups or sales)
  7. Build a community around your business
  8. Increase mentions in the press
  9. Listen to conversations about your brand

So how to make a successful social media marketing campaign to present your brand on social media platforms that create high engagement and ROI? 

These are 5 Secret Of Social Media Marketing that you can apply to build up your marketing campaigns on social media platforms.

1. Proving Your Expertise contents: 

This is the first Secret for Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020 I want to share about.

You will want to build your social media account at the same significant level as your website (or even more). Because this will be the tool to support you in connecting with your existing/potential clients everyday. And your social media page is also the first thing that the users have looked at before deciding to purchase, especially for young generations. 

So if you want to increase your CTR and make people believe you are an expert in your industry. You must create a lot of expertise contents to build the trust for your brand. 

With the good branding on social media, it also helps to improve your WOMMA (word of mouth marketing) as people start to talk and share the contents you creates as the trustworthy sources for their friends, families. 

2. Build Relationships with clients. 

I consider it as the second Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020. Because it’s not only about sharing interesting content with your followers. It’s also about creating a strong relationship with your viewers by encouraging them to engage with the content you provide and reply back to them. 

Make sure your audiences feel like they will be treated as they come to your company and meet face to face with your staff, not with AI bots.

There are many tips that you can apply to build a good relationship with your clients on social media that you can learn from Social Report.

3. Observe Competitor Activities.

Keeping your eyes on your competitor activities, this is a key on your social media marketing campaigns and be known as the 3th Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020. Because you can’t win the game if you don’t understand who your competitor is.

So let’s update frequently to see what your competitors are doing on their social media site. And which one has good engagement and reaction from the audiences. You can learn these 7 methods to observe your competitor from here.

When you know these information, brainstorming to find out how you can do it better than them and bring more value to your clients. 

How to spot your social competitors

The simplest way to find and spot information about your competitors is using Google search tool. 

Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020

Let’s look up your most valuable keywords, phrases and industry terms to see who shows up. After that, check out their social media account to see what activities they are doing and which previous campaigns they did well.

4. Promote One Message With Different Forms of Content

You should have finalized the most important messages you want to use for each of your social media marketing campaigns. This 4th Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020 is very vital. Because when you start to use different formats to deliver this message, such as infographics, videos, and blog posts, you will test and recognize what works best for you.

Source: Neil Patel

As Neil Patel also recommends this as an advanced tip to help you promote your message to a broader audience group while still having many fresh contents for the same message.

Let’s see the way how your audience responds to your message in different formats to figure out what kind of message will perform well on what kind of contents and can use it as your navigator for your future campaigns.

5. Create a Unique Hashtag for Each Campaign

Jimmy Fallon Nbc GIF by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Find & Share on GIPHY

Hashtags are powerful entities to use on Instagram and Twitter. So, I put it as the 5th Secret Of Social Media Marketing To Grow Business In 2020. They can help you to  drive engagement, and they also can help you to track the results of your campaigns based on the number of users used or mentioned to your hashtags. You can discover more about 7 hashtags tips to boost your brand here.

However, it doesn’t mean that you just only should use your own brand hashtags on your posts. It shouldn’t replace the common hashtags that your audience is using. If you want to maximize reach and trackability, you must apply to use both kinds of hashtags in your posts.


It can be a real tough challenge at the beginning when you are developing your social media marketing strategy. A lot of companies try to do their SMM (Social Media Marketing) by hard sell approach, inundating their followers with discount offer codes, new product announcements and customer reviews. 

However, they still just get a very limited traffic and ROI. So, it makes them believe that social media isn’t a good way to do marketing for them. This is the BIGGEST MISTAKE in marketing in this century. Because you lost the opportunity to approach nearly half of the world population to promote your brand.

The main issue is about the way you approach your audiences, how to create the engaged stories for your brand that make everyone pay attention; how to lead to viral posts, traffic boosts, press coverage and greater visibility for your brand. 

This strategy, known as newsjacking, will work best if you get your voice out there while it’s still breaking news. But if you join in too late, or you ignore this opportunity right now to do SMM, you will feel very regret when looking at the others who come later than you but they will ride the trend.

And if you want to know more about what is the Essential Factors for Building a Strong Brand on social media, this is another blog that I focus on the top 5 essential factors that every business need TO HAVE!

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