We have a lot of articles and guides on the Internet about how to making a great pose for women but it is really hard to find out a detailed descriptions about “how to pose” for men. Therefore, in this blog, I will bring to you some easy and effective ways to have an outstanding photos without too much concerns about concepts and how to pose in the next parties or street styles with your friends.

There are 5 simple and powerful ways for any GUY can have a great picture to upload on the social media right away.

1. “One Side Shoot”

Doesn’t matter how fat or skinny you are, tall or short, a focusing face shoot will be an awesome way to have a great picture, especially “side shoot” or “angle shoot”. It means that you will choose to use just an angle of your face, could be right or left – which one make you feel better to shoot. By doing this way, the deficiency on your face will be limited and make you look COOLER. 

2. “Back Shoot”

I have many friends who said that they love “Back Shoot”. Because it is an easy way to have a great image without concerning about the face gesture. Obviously, it will be easier to take compared to other poses, but I don’t recommend you to try this style frequently, because it can’t help you outstanding on the social media, people will love to see personal icon in the image rather than don’t have. But if you take it, make sure you have a good background with the colour should be contrasted to your cloth’s colour. 

3. Jumping shoot

It hears a little bit weird at the first time but it is a true. Have you ever try to jump up and shoot a picture? As a man, this gesture makes you look more energetic and funny. However, it is a little hard to catch up the right moment for this kind of picture. Therefore, I recommend if you try this pose, let make constant shoot to get the perfect pic.

4. Base on walls

A nice wall will be a good background for you. For this shoot, you can take closer shoot to focus on your face or a whole body shoot will be all good. but make sure that having a nice and clear background that make you be outstanding. A dirty wall will not be a good choice, especially for newbie who can’t control it. Bonus that you can choose to put one leg back on the wall while another on the floor will be a choice to make you look more stylish.

5. “Deep looking”

Looking directly to the camera could be embarrassing for many guys. So, a “deep looking” will help you to solve this issue. It means that you look to something far away instead of looking direct to the camera. It makes you feel more comfortable and look so DEEP. This is the thing that girls love to see from their guys, something COOL and SECRET!!!

These are 5 basic but super effective for man to have a wonderful and handsome pictures without concerning too much how to do in their shoots. 

Hopefully that this article will give you some valuable ideas about how to get a nice and handsome pictures in your next trips or hang out plan.

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