“I have no brain now”. This is a sentence that I heard a lot from my friends who are struggling with their essays in recent days. So, have you face with a similar situation like that, when you brain is out of energy and don’t want to access anything more. If “YES”, this blog is for you!

This will give you 4 effective ways to recharge your tired brand and don’t let the stress grind you down!


Make fewer decisions.

We make many decisions each day, from what to wear, where to go, who to meet, when to eat, etc! All of these questions required our minds to work and cost a lot of mental energy to choose which one will be our priorities in a day.

So, instead of spending a lot of mental power just for doing daily decisions, let make yourself a simple routine for the day. Ex: Where the same cloth every Tuesday; hang out the same time every Friday night; the routine will help you to reduce the amount of unnecessary decisions and get more energy to make the more important decisions. Moreover, you will get more energy for the rest of your day as well.

Start seeing green.

Let take the mini-break and look out of your window and looking for green pieces. According to research from Dr. Kate Lee of the University of Melbourne, he states that “It’s really important to have micro-breaks” and “and when you look out the window and seek nature: It can help you concentrate on your work and to maintain performance across the workday.”

So let take a rest and gaze out at a green space for few minutes before backing to work. The break will make you feel relax and be able to more focus on the following tasks.

Rule 45/15

Sit down in front of screen for whole day is not a good choice for your mental and physical health.

Instead of trying to finish as soon as you can, let take a rest every 45 minutes out of screen and go around for 15 minutes. The studies show the value of exercise in boosting concentration and mental focus. The 15 minutes rest can improve your performance, concentrate as well as increase blood flow to the brain and improve your mood, memory, and creativity.

Take time off.

Don’t schedule all the week within the tasks. Everyone need to rest, and you too. Let leave space for unplanned to have dinner with friends, hang out for a coffee or basically just listening music. The open time you give for yourself will make you easily to control and follow all the tasks on your schedule.

But if you fill in whole week with specific tasks and you miss one of them . It will cause the feeling of guilty and make your brain to be more tired and stress to consider how to complete the missing tasks.

And more important, you don’t know which opportunity can come to you during the week, and the opportunities is not follow the schedule. So, open time bring space for unexpected opportunities to develop.

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