What can you do to outstanding your brand on Instagram? Engaging contents with the excellent captions will lead more traffic to your accounts?

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However, figuring out how to make the engaged captions that can lead to more reactions, more comments is not a common sense that everyone knows, especially if you are a small and medium company without having a big budget to recruit the professional marketer to do it. 

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So, this article I write with the goal to share with you the top 6 strategies to create the engaged instagram captions for your contents that you can easily apply by yourself and bring more engagement and traffic to your site.

So… how will you come up with creating an engaged caption for your business Instagram account? 

Let’s check it out together!

1. Understand Your “Why”?


Always remind yourself: “People don’t buy WHAT you sell to them, people buy “WHY” you do it!”

So what does it really mean? It means that people buy your product not because of what you sell, it’s all about the story of your brand and the reason why your product can help them to solve their problem better than the other products.

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Let’s take an example of Adidas on Instagram, just in 2 days that this post reached more than 250 thousand views and hundreds of comments. So how do they make it? Let have a deeper look into their caption, THEY DON’T SELL THE SHOE, THEY SELL THE “GEARS FOR FUTURISTIC TEENAGERS”. So if you are a really futuristic teenager, or you want to be one, or even you want to give as a gift for someone, this shoe is for you!

Yes, this is the idea of “Why”, the reason why people want to see your post, want to shop in adidas stores is because they want to be inspired by the idea of “futuristic teenagers”, not because of the shoe itself.

So, when you start to come up with the idea for your post, let ask yourself this question first: “How can I make  “Why” question appear in my audience when they have looked at my post?; and “why they need to interact with my contents”.

Answer these questions and start to write out your captions that figure out these ideas. This will make your game of this flatform change rapidly!

2. Choose the themes to follow

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Choose the themes to follow

You want to make sure that viewers will know exactly what they can expect from your page. What is your main theme? What categories do you want to focus on? 

For example, if you are a marketing company, you will want people to know you as the expert in this field and share a lot of valuable content about marketing for business on your page.


You could create and share the contents about marketing tips on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or your marketing service, your testimonials and how it supports your users to solve their problems. You won’t want to share the viral contents that you think may help you to gain more traffic if it is a viral prank or not belonging to your expertise field. 

And after having your specific themes, make sure to complete the question before having your captions; ask yourself: 

What’s the message you want to deliver? 

What do you want to target to your viewers, you want to entertain, educate, inspire or convince them? Instead of just asking people to buy your products or services.

Let them make you “LIKE” you first and build the trust to believe that you are outstanding in your niche. So, whenever they need that kind of product or service, your name will pop-up firstly.

3. Create the true stories

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Yes, that’s so true! You know what is the most attractive kind of content? These are the stories about real things, real people that get the advantage from using your products, services to help them solve their problems.

So, let collect all these testimonials for your service or products that be used. Then sharing the story about what the problem that your customers faced, and how your products/services help?, and how the clients feel about their life now, after using your services/products.

The more real stories you can share, the more inspired and engaged you will bring to your customer. And it make the potential clients who visit you on Instagram has more motivation to buy your products.

4. Create your own formula for Caption.

If you normally feel stuck with writing a caption, a formula will be the best way to help you save time and create the valuable captions with all the things you want to have in it. 

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It will be ideally if you can create around 5-10 formats of caption that you are going to use in general, short form and long form. So whenever you need it and whatever style you want, both in your hand and just need a slight adjustment. 

This is some example questions that you can use to come up with the idea for your form:

  1. Why do you choose to do what you are doing?
  2. Write three words to describe your brand
  3. What makes you different?
  4. What’s an achievement you are proud of?
  5. What did your business look like when you first started?
  6. What do you want your business to look like in the future?
  7. Write three words describing how you’re going to add value
  8. What’s a challenge you’ve overcome to get to where you are now?

5. Make a Free Offer.

People love free stuff, and especially when they just need to put a comment or a tag to a friend for a chance to get free stuff. 

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How To Give Away On Insta

So, let’s plan to give free stuff from your brand every month, or a couple of months for your fans. If your product belongs to a specific niche with a high price and you don’t want to give it away for free. You can choose to give money or cheaper stuff. 

Always remember: “The more you give, the more you earn” – When you give away more, more viewers will come to your page, and it means that you can reach more potential clients. 

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on advertisements on Instagram, just need a couple of hundred dollars to give away already to help you to get attention from thousands of people in an organic way.

These are 5 hacks that have been used very successfully on this platform by many companies and celebrities in the last year and are still trending in 2020. 

So, let start to refresh your way to create more engaged captions for your instagram and grow your business on Instagram.

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