How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business| 4 Instagram Hacks
How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business
How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business


How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business

Doyou feel stuck when trying to create shareable content for your brand on Instagram? The question of how to make the piece of content on Instagram more shareable and engaging is a headache question that many marketers and business owners are facing.

I don’t promise to give you the best method to create shareable content that makes any of your contents go viral and get shared like crazy!!!

But I can promise to share with you the HACKS that big influencers and brands are using to make their content be shared incredibly in the last couple of years so that you can apply for your brand game on this social media platform.

But there is a note here before reading it!

“You will never know which content will be most shareable and engaged until you share it on your Instagram”.

So let’s try all the hacks I show you and figure out what is the best fit for you to do it!

Hack 1: Tell a story with your content

What does it mean?

It means that your content on IG will have a story itself when you create and publish it. It can be a random picture you take on the street, in the coffee shop, etc. But make sure to give it a story inside.

Nobody wants to live their whole life with a beautiful girl with no soul — So let create a story for your post, bring a soul for your content.

If you want to see the master of creating a story for content on Instagram, I recommend you visit the Instagram of Nas Daily, on his Instagram, every post is a single story that is very attractive and engaged with the audience about many different topics that he discovered in his life.

How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business
Source: Instagram of Nas Daily

Tip for creating a good story on Instagram:

  1. Having 3 parts: Beginning — Middle — Ending
  2. Ask yourself this question: “ Do my content relate to my audience and get them from point A to point B clearly?

Hack 2: Create the content on trending topics

Do you know which trend is happening right now? Can you create your content that relates to this trend and bring the audience that they want to share with their friends?

For example, for this hack is the account of “Chocolate City Comics”, in the last month, when the “Black Live Matter” movement happened in America, the topic related to “Black Live Matter” and George Floyd became a trend on Instagram.

And this brand created a sketch about George Floyd that has been shared on Instagram. This piece of content go viral and become the top 3 popular posts when you searching for #BlackLiveMatter (with 22 million posts) on Instagram.

And this piece of content already helps the account to be outstanding and get more attention from viewers on IG when they were looking for the trending content about this movement on the platform.

Hack 3: Write a long caption with hashtags

If you think that on Instagram just need a nice picture to be exposed, you need to think again. As Jenn Herman mentioned in her article on social media examiner, a long and good caption will bring your contents to “several steps further”.

Source: Social Media Examiner

Because when you create a longer caption, you can give a clear meaning for your viewers about what your content is about on Instagram. And it also helps the algorithm of Instagram to detect keywords on your content and spread it out to a larger group of viewers.

Tips: When having a long caption content, take advantage from using emojis, hashtags and CTA to encourage people to read through all and follow your requirements in “Call To Action”

Hack 4: Making valuable contents without logo mark

If you are a brand that pays a lot of money for marketers or photographers to create your content on Instagram, maybe you will want to use a logo mark to protect your copyright.

But actually it is not necessary, even can reduce the ability to go viral and be shareable for your content. Because people come to Instagram for visual content, and they love the beautiful videos, images, carousels,…without logo marks.

If you still consider, let’s look in the big brands like Nike, Adidas, Tarte cosmetics, Fashion Nova,…to see if they have used logo marks or not yet.

How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business
Source: Instagram of Nike 
How To Create Shareable Contents On Instagram For Start-Up Business
Source: Instagram of Adidas

The reason here is the logo mark discourages people from sharing your content. Because without a logo mark, when a user shares it, they still can tag you in while their psychology still makes them feel like they have a part of the authority to share the message of contents to the world.


These are the 4 hacks for creating the shareable contents on Instagram that I collected and analyzed from brands on Instagram.

I hope that these hacks will give you some insights to consider when deciding to create a piece of content on Instagram to make it become more shareable and engaged with your followers and viewers on this platform.

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