Have you ever you feel struggle with your shopping habit? When you see so many crazy deals and wonderful things that you want to own immediately but you also feel guilty when paying a massive amount of money to have it!

It is crazy, right?

But it becomes very popular today, especially for young millennials like us.

And the true is “The more we see, the more we want.”

Everyday we are seeing a lot of adverts on social media, on TV, on street promote that “You must have it because it makes you to have a better life, or be more confident, or attractive”.

But actually, things just can’t make us feel happy. I believe that you know it or heard about it before, and it sound like a cliche. But the truth is many of us still choose to buy to find the thing called “happy feeling”.

But not realise that we actually feel more happier when we have less things to consider.

Let ask yourself, “how long you spend time everyday to find out the suitable cloths in your massive cloth room”. If you just have few, it will be easier and faster to get the final decision. 

And let think, today you buy a new shoe, because you think it is fashionable. But after weeks or months, they will not in fashion. Or when you buy a new fashion cloth item, you feel you will need it forever, but after a week or months, it’s out of fashion and you never use it again.

See, the truth when you buy somethings is not actually buy that things, but you are trying to buy the feeling that you think you are missing.

But let have a closer view, what do you really paid for? “Do you want to make other feel jealous with you? Or you want to buy to compare yourself to others? Or because someone has, but you don’t? If the answer is “YES” for one of them, we’ll always feel lack and down.

But if you buy it because you really need it and it help your life to be better, it is a different.

If we use the feeling of buying stuffs as our happiness, actually, we just postpone and delay our happiness based on the material things.

If we don’t love what we do everyday, it doesn’t matter what we have, we don’t get the real happiness.

I’m not saying that you can’t have nice things or you shouldn’t want them. It is when you believe this thing will support you to be happy, change and transform your feeling to a positive way. Go for it! Especially when the Black Friday and Boxing day 2019 is on going!!!

But the most important and only thing that can make you really happy is you!

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