“I thought it was a very bad fit for me as a cancer doctor. I had watched hundreds of people die from tobacco-related disease,” Dr. Bronwyn King said. Bronwyn felt helpless when she worked at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

At there, she saw a large number of patients suffering from Cancer caused by smoking. She realized that the way to help people’s health was not only to cure cancer, but more importantly, to keep people away from cigarettes.

According to the survey of The Tobacco Free Portfolios,  tobacco causes two-thirds of premature deaths in smokers. The negative effects of tobacco are profound. Smoking can cause an estimated 7 million deaths worldwide each year. In The face of harsh facts, Bronwyn and her colleagues founded The Tobacco Free Portfolios after numerous market surveys.

The Tobacco Free Portfolios is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012. It is based in Melbourne. Tobacco-free supports to reduce and ultimately eliminate pension fund investment in Tobacco.

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They had a wonderful vision of a world without tobacco. Their task is to inform, prioritize and advance tobacco-free financing by eliminating tobacco from portfolios all around the world. With this ultimate goal in mind, it has been providing investors with industry information and promoting the development of smoke-free finance.

Dr. Bronwyn King and her colleagues were well aware that in order to achieve this goal, they would have to address the question of financial investment in tobacco. It is encouraging that industries are facing concerted, global and unified efforts. The industry realize that they have to promote the reduction and eventual elimination of tobacco consumption.

The Tobacco Free Portfolios team, led by Bronwyn, has been working hard to reach its final goal. They set up a rigorous and reasonable strategic plan. In the process, they come into contact with major financial leaders and powerful celebrity groups. In order to help clients avoid unnecessary losses at a time when risk is unpredictable.

They often inform tobacco company financial leaders of the future risks of the global tobacco control initiative and tobacco investment. In the meantime, they encourage tobacco-free financing and investment authorization.

In this way, participants can propose timely response plans and solutions when risks come, so as to minimise economic losses.

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As a nonprofit social organization, passion and a sense of responsibility have been driving The Tobacco Free Portfolios team. Publicity and education are the most important ways for The Tobacco Free Portfolios to accomplish its goals.

In order to help the industry and investors to make accurate and efficient informed decisions and design reasonable work plans, they launched a professional collaborative work method. Their cautious attitude makes their work more valuable.

The Tobacco Free portfolio’s efforts are certainly helping to build a better world. By redesigning economic development strategies, companies can reduce economic development risks and ensure benefits. Moreover, the development of a smoke-free economy has irreplaceable social value, which is reflected in the protection of human rights, child labor and other similar social issues.

Because, as the Danish Institute of Human Rights points out, , tobacco is so harmful to Human health that there is no question that its production and sale are irreconcilable with the right to health. Few cigarettes guarantee the use of child Labour, and a smoke-free economy fundamentally ensures the normal development of children.

(Source: https://tobaccofreeportfolios.org/why-go-tobacco-free/, use by permission)

The Tobacco Free Portfolios is slowly gaining traction in the financial industry.

Meanwhile, the values of The Tobacco Free Portfolios team have slowly attracted many good lawyers and doctors to Bronwyn’s management team. Despite the challenges they still face, Bronwyn and her colleagues have done well, and people in the industry are starting to take smoke-free work seriously.

More than 80 leading financial institutions from more than 10 countries have implemented tobacco-free finance policies covering areas such as lending, investment and insurance.

The results of such efforts are undoubtedly exciting. Their efforts are also helping the tobacco and investment industries as a whole to make structural changes that will ultimately benefit not only the capitalists who control the economy, but also everyone in society and every family.

If you want to know more about this organization and its inspired story, check it out here: https://tobaccofreeportfolios.org/

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