5 Hacks to Grow Your Business With LinkedIn in 2020

Do you know that LinkedIn is having more than 625 million users worlwide? And a massive opportunity to grow your business is on this platform!

Grow Your Business With LinkedIn in 2020

LinkedIn is well-known as the biggest professional platform where users mostly are professional workers, leaders, CEOs who want to build up more connections and learn from the people who have the same mindsets or interests.

It doesn’t matter how big your business is, I highly recommend you to use LinkedIn as an essential part of your marketing strategy, where you can easily to connect with a lot of V.I.P people who can support for your business or build up the business connection. The things that will hardly to happen in another platforms. 

And in this article, I would love to share with you top 5 best tips and tricks on how to grow your business by using LinkedIn in 2020!

Firstly, make sure to have your own customized “ Company Page”.

This is your brand’s presence on this platform and helps you to show up with hundred or even thousand people about your company. So make sure to customize your “Company Page” and make it looks attractive as much as you can. 

You can create the blogs, posts, images, videos to share on this page, the more contents you upload, the more engaged you have. And one of the most engagement content is video content. So make sure to have at least 1 per fortnight for LinkedIn video if you really want to grow fastly. 

And if you confuse about the designs for your images, infographics or posts that can take a lot of time and money to hire the freelance or your team to do it. No worry, let check it out Canva, a customized web to help you design in advance many different style of images.


In addition, remember to describe your product and service in detail within the “About” section. Then, link your profile to your website so it can support to lead the viewers on your LinkedIn visits your site.

In the summary section, let describe your company service and your ultimate value for the first paragraph. It will make sure the viewer can see it first and understand your core service as the first glance.

Bonus tip: Linking your (or anyone in your company) profile to your Company Page. This action will make the algorithm of LinkedIn consider that your page can be interesting for more people and start to recommend your page to more viewers. 

2. Active to joining Groups

Joining LinkedIn groups of individuals who share the same interests as yourself and your business is a great way to start and become connected with like-minded people. 

To do this, using the search tool of LinkedIn to search for a particular topic such as: ‘freelance copywriter’ while you can choose to focus on searching for ‘People’,  ‘Content’, or select the ‘More’ option to find groups that you want to join in.

Hacks to Grow Your Business With LinkedIn in 2020

Participating in group discussions is a great way to get yourself noticed, even if you simply want to learn or share some of your expertise.

However, make sure to remember the rule that people don’t want to be sold, so let’s talk about the topics that this group focus on, not only focus on promoting your business. 

3. Creating and sharing the engaged contents

This is the most effective and fastest way to gain the traffic for your site. When you can create more engaged content, the algorithm of LinkedIn will help to promote your page organically to reach more people without spending money on advertisement. 

The same can be said for your personal profile – update it with any new projects you’re working on and add a link to your website. 

And the best way to create the engaged content is before creating any piece of content, put yourself in the role of consumer and think about what you can receive from this content and will the content encourage you to share or engage with?

Regularly update your status or tagging your company within the relevant posts will also enhance traffic (but also try to avoid being spam). It will bring a huge benefit when other users will be seeing your contents frequently so they don’t forget about you and your company.

Bonus Tip: Don’t be afraid to re-post your older content; it happens with all platforms. If you have really engaged contents or the evergreen contents that you believe can be used effectively and people love to engage. Let’s share it again, but take notice after 2 or 3 months.

So your viewers will 99% be considered this content as a new piece of content.  And to ensure all of your marketing efforts are cohesive, remember to add a LinkedIn social media button to your website. So the visitors on your site can also easily find you on LinkedIn from your website traffic.

4. Frequently Update Your Profile

This is one of the big mistakes that the main company is facing, they don’t refresh their profile for years. Let’s think you are a viewer, how will you feel between a company which normally update their profile in few months for new products come out or having some special events happen and another company who keep the profile in the same way for years!

People love to see your insights, to see how your company grows and connect with the community, with your employees. So just needing to change a profile theme for Thanksgiving day or update the new registered list of clients in your description is already creating a huge impact.

It makes the visitors can notice that your company is on the right track and doing a lot of good job done.

5. Connecting with others!

More connection means more opportunities. So, let start to connect more on LinkedIn. Friends of old and new and alumni from school and uni are a great way to get started, and even your former teachers are likely to have a profile. 

Or you can use the search tool to find the people who in the same city, having working in a specific company or having a specific interest. Don’t be shy with this either, people are usually more than happy to accept your request if they can see you have something in common or that you might be of benefit to them. And if someone viewed your profile? Let’s have a look back to see if they’re worth connecting with.

You will be able to import your current email contacts by selecting the ‘My Network’ tab and selecting contacts accordingly.

On the same page, it will also suggest ‘people you may know’ and you can easily scroll through and request a connection. Once you’ve started connecting with a few people, you can visit their profile and look to see if any of their connections would be of interest to you too. So you can send the invitation to connect with them as well.

If you’re using an active strategy, you can even send them a professional courtesy message explaining why you have looked to connect and don’t send the same message to all. Let personalized and adding the reason why you want to ask for the connection with them. 

Bonus Tips: Search for people who have used your product or service, or you have worked closely with and ask if they would be willing to write a testimonial for you. It can be formally requested by clicking on the specific person’s profile, selecting ‘More’ and ‘Request a Recommendation’. 

Once a recommendation has been written and accepted, you can choose for the statement to be seen by your network, which will enhance the legitimacy of you and your business.

These are Top 5 Tips that I strongly recommend you to work on with your company brand to grow your business on LinkedIn this year. Hopefully that this piece of content can bring some values for you and your business.

If you have any concern about growing your business on social media, feel free to comment below. I love to give you some support!

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