5 essential factors to build strong brand
 5 Essentials Factors for Building a Strong Brand
5 Essentials Factors for Building a Strong Brand

How to build up a successful brand strategy? Do you want to brand on social media with thousands of interactions per week? Or you want whenever people think about buying the product in your niche, your brand will place at the top of their thoughts?

To do this, you need to be a master in your “brand recognition” game. It means that you need to build a famous and trustworthy brand name both online and offline, so you can easily promote your products to more potential clients as well as satisfy the demands of your current customer – make them feel proud and happy when they can own the products from your brand.

However, this game is not “success overnight”, it will take time, consistency and a fulfil branding plan to grow up your business brand, especially if you are new on the market.

In this article, I will share with you top 5 essential factors in making strategy to build up your brand successful in 2020.

The first and foremost factor is

Brand Strategy #1: Know Your Audience

Yes, it is very obvious that if you want to have a successful brand strategy, you need to know your audience. Because if you can’t figure out exactly who you want to target, how can you come up with what kind of contents, when to posts, which social media platform will be the best fitted to your audiences, and so on. 

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Know Your Audience (Their ages, lifestyle,..)

And to know your audience, you need to answer these following questions in the proper way:

  1. Who is your main target group? (Their age, jobs, demand with your niche, what social media channel they use).
  2. How about their life-style? Does they want fast-consuming; luxury-oriented; or saving-oriented?
  3. What are they really concerned about when they decide to buy your product? Can your product help them to solve their issue well?

The more details you can answer for these questions, the more potential audience in your niche you can approach. And don’t try to be everything to everyone if you don’t want to lose all your customers. Let be an expert in one niche, and then you can convert sales more than you can imagine. 

To make it happen, let’s do your homework, pay attention to the data, and know your target market inside out, by understanding the buying trends and opportunities in your product’s category.

Brand Strategy #2: Having Your Own Story

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The second essential factor to build up a successful brand strategy on social media is having the stories! And in the recent study of Celinne Da Costa on Forbes, she helps to clarify how stories can bring the outstanding benefits for your company on branding game.

Everyone loves story! And the story make people remember your brand longer and deeper compare to the other marketing types. So, let’s build your brand story that included your company’s mission, vision, and values. 

You can start it by asking yourself the questions, “Why people need my product?” and “Why was I inspired to create it?”.

Notice: Never make your story based on comparing with others. It means that you will not build your story like: “My A product is better than their B product because it doesn’t do or have C”. Instead, remain positive, and always make sure your product rationale is all about what your product does itself.

Bonus: Prepare an “Elevator Pitch” for your brand – a 90 seconds summary of your business and why it’s important. Practice it, refine it, and share it until your audience starts to enthusiastically share it with others. Then, you will get your mark.

Brand Strategy #3: Brand through Association

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Brand through Association

Are you selling fast-consuming products or a luxury product? Let make sure to answer this question before deciding where to place your products for sale.

For example: If you are selling a fast-consuming product, the good place to present it is in a supermarket, or discount store rather than in a mall where people sell luxury stuff.

Or if you have a natural product that you want your customers to trust, let’s choose a store with a reputation for high standards to present your products. 

On other sides, you wouldn’t choose to launch your luxury brand in a discount outlet. Because if you present your product in a venue that doesn’t value the premium quality of it, your customer won’t either.

Brand Strategy #4: Using Brand Ambassadors

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Using Brand Ambassadors

When you have a well-known brand, the trust and loyalty from your customer will be upgraded. And in 21st century, within the explotion of social media, more and more customers looking for review from their idols before deciding if they should purchase your product or not. 

So let’s start the game with ambassadors, make sure to choose the people who fit with your brand – target audiences and ask them to be your ambassador. You will want to ask for a famous athlete to promote your sport brand rather than a chief star.

Especially the value of using an ambassador is they can reach to more potential clients based on the trust they already build up with their fans for years, compared to your new brand on the market. 

So, make sure to master your game by choosing the right embassador and the way how to promote your products on their profile.

And if you want to know more about the reasons why you should consider to use Brand Ambassadors in your marketing campaigns, you can find more here.

Brand Strategy #5: Keep Consistent

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Keep Consistent

The branding game is a marathon. It will take time and a lot of efforts to pay off in advance, but it will get the higher ROI when you invest enough and keep patient with it. 

And if your brand is about a new natural product, the commitment to the value of ‘natural’ should be evident in everything you do – from the product itself, the packaging, marketing campaigns, company culture, your education of your customer, and even your personal behavior. The more consistent with the value you can bring, the more clients you will have.

If you are considering to use Instagram to build your brand, I highly recommend you to read this article where I share my top tips to grow on Instagram for business in 2020.

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