5 Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business

What is the 5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020?

Do you want to know how to build up a successful Instagram Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever consider why many brands are so successful on instagram why others are so struggle to get 100 like for post?

Everything come from “Instagram Marketing Strategies” with your Instagram- A good Instagram marketing strategy will help a brand goes on the right track while a poor strategy will ruin the brand and make it hard to approach the potential clients on these platforms, especially the young generation, who fall in love quickly but also easy to leave!

These are 5 advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies that you MUST-KNOW to grow your business on Instagram in 2020

By using the top 5 advanced Instagram Marketing strategies, you can use to optimize your Instagram marketing game to a higher level this year. So, make sure to read until the end and take note of all examples and tools that I show you and try to apply it as soon as possible.

And will love to hear you share your success later on with these tips!

1. Having Instagram Calendar (For IGTV, Stories, Posts)

Do you want to spend a half-hour every day (or normally more) to schedule content on Instagram and come up with the idea for posts?

Well, at first, many people will say: “Of course, just 30 mins, I can do it”.

But do you know that most of successful influencers or companies who works well on Instagram don’t do that. They all using PLAN TOOL!

Yes, that’s true! Because even you think 30 mins is not too much, but making contents on Instagram need time and right mindset. And if on this day, you have meeting, busy with deadlines. The ability to create and publish the quality contents on Instagram is very low!

Because following the research of Social Buddy, you should post 1-3 contents per day for brand (but make sure quality over quantity)

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020
5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020

So to make it easier and help you to save a lot of tons, many tools be created to help you to do it! And personally, I recommend using tools like Buffer, Later to schedule.

With these tool, you can easily to create and optimise all your posts with ability to optimise descriptions, using suggestion hashtags and tracking your Instagram performance by using its analysis fuction.

For example, this is my Later account. It gives me upto 250 schedule posts. It means that if I want, I can schedule contents in advance for several weeks without considering too much about half hour daily for content creation.

And normally, to schedule contents for a week, I just need to have a full preparation for 3 to 4 hours per week on my weekend. So I can totally concentrate on just creating the content only. It will be more effective than separate it into many different days.

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020
Later Tool

In addition, when talking about creating contents on Instagram, it is not only about quality, it is also about quantity. If you don’t have a good contents, people will not engage with you. You can check my blog about How to grown your business with engaging Instagram captions in 2020.

2. Optimise Your Link In Bio

Do you know that you can link all your websites and social media pages on Link In Bio?

Yeah, maybe you will be shocked and wonder “How Can” while the Bio has limited characters.

Yes, nowadays you can do it easily with support from the third-party tools such as Linktree – a free bio link tool.

For example, you can see how Chloe Ting, one of the most famous Fitness celebrity in Australia is using Linktree to drive traffic to her websites, programs in just one short “Link In Bio”

This is her link in bio

5 Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020

And this is what one link in Bio can do for you!

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020
Chloe Ting Instagram

3. Using Instagram Highlight as your Front Page

Let treat your Instagram as your website to present your business. And to do that, you have to use “Instagram Highlights” effectively to show what you do, what is your expertise, your campaigns, and so on.

Because as the first viewer who never know your brand before, this Highlight function will help them to recognize what is your brand for faster and build the trust easier. Because they can see all the highlight activities that your company did and get more motivation to learn more about your company products.

For example, let have look at InstagramForBusiness, the way how they are using Highlights to promote their recent events and the successful campaigns for viewers.

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020
Instagram For Business

Moreover, the Highlights help to save all your “best stories videos & images” that you record and just publish under “the stories” before.

4. Cooperate with Micro-Influencers to promote

Following the research of Buffer, the micro-influencers will help you to engage more with clients rather than the macro-influencers.

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020
Statistic From Buffer

Instagram influencer, Matt Crump (@mattcrump) shares on her Instagram that on average, a micro-influencer with less than 10k followers can charge you from $100-$500/post while the account with 1m+ followers can charge up to $10000+ dollars for a post.

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020

So, it will depend on your budget and marketing plan that decides which influencers will suitable for your brand. But personally, I also highly recommend using the micro-influencers rather than mac-influencers (or a mix between using both is the best).

5. Post more video contents

YES! We are living in a world of video content. All social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn are encouraging users to create more video content on their platforms. And Instagram is not an exception.

When you create the video content on Instagram, the Instagram algorithm will love to promote your content for more people to watch it. Because the goal of Instagram is keeping the users stay at the app as long as they can. And video content is the best way to do it.

You can have look at the case of Sephora. On average, every 3 posts, they will create 1 short video post or 1 longer video to publish on IGTV.

5 Best Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business in 2020
Sephora Instagram Account

And these are 5 Advanced Instagram Marketing Strategies For Business that I love to share with you in this article.

Hopefully, you will achieve multi-success on Instagram with these tips.

And if you have any question about Instagram, let comment below. I love to support you!

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