Have you ever come up with the ideas in the midnight or on the way to a party and believe that it can bring million dollars for you.  

If YES, let check it out these 3 indicators to know if your idea actually work. Or just come back with the party or go to sleep instead of being so excited about this idea.

Let ask yourself these 3 questions

1. Can your idea solves a specific problem?

What is the solution comes out from your idea? Because if you believe that you are having a great idea but you can’t explain what your idea can bring to the real life in a specific way, how can this idea be applied and bring million dollars to you?

And your idea doesn’t need to be a unique idea that having no replica. The factor that decides if your idea work or not is its ability to solve the issue in the best way that the others can’t do.

2. The scalability

To make your idea to be a real successful business, you need to have a pathway for it to grow and expand. 

Let ask yourself, “Does my idea will be used by more and more people in the future”? and by which way can I do this? It will take time to find the best answer, but it is necessary for you to think about the way how to scalable from that moment.

3. Does people want it

If there is a huge demand for the product that you are going to serve, it will be wonderful because you have a market with many people want it. But to sell a product needs more than that.


The way you wanna to sell can be different from the way how people want to buy.

So, let tell your ideas with your friends, families or the people whom you think could be your potential customers. If they told you that “Can I order one right now?”, your idea might be a worthy idea that can turn into a real massive business.

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